This Romanesque Pieve, consecrated by Pope Alexander II in 1026, is one of the finest in the Lucca area. Its handsome three-aisle plan bears clear witness to the influence of the Margraves of Tuscany, from Adalberto I to Countess Matilde, who is depicted on the splendid marble Ambon. This is supported on four columns, two of which rest on two lions fighting a warrior and a dragon, respectively. It is attributed by some to Biduino, and by others to Guidetto (12th century). The church also contains Andrea Della Robbia’s great Glazed Terracotta of St. George and the Dragon (1495), a Crucifix painted on canvas on board attributed to Berlinghieri (12th century), an octagonal, richly decorated Baptismal Immersion Font (12th century) and Giuliano di Simone’s FRESCO of the Annuciation (14th century). Outside, the lintel of the south door features the characteristic and unique relief figure of the ‘Brancolino’, famous partly because its significance remains shrouded in mystery to this day.

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Interior and exterior views of the Pieve di Brancoli.

St. George

Bas-relief detail.



Ambon with lions.



Ancient baptismal font.



Ambon's detail.


Pieve at night

Night view from beside the apse.



View of the interior from beside the font.


Holy water stoup

Detail of the 1000 holy water stoup.


The Apse

Interior of the apse seen from the entrance.